About us

10 years of experience

Design & Leather Products Manufacturing

H.A.T+  is a company that manufactures and supplies high-class and innovative leather products that satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers in Vietnam and the world.
We have built a leather goods factory following the Italian technological process, with modern, industry-specific machines and equipment operated by a team of leading experts with 10 years of working experience from famous and traditional fashion brands such as: Gianni Conti, Italian Production, Giovanni Group…From carefully choosing materials, carefully cutting each line, meticulously sewing each seam. To the advancement to improve quality and service. All originate from the enthusiastic mind of the HAT+ leather workers.
???? HAT+ designs ideas for trendy leather products.
???? Produce on demand products such as bags, wallets, accessories… on genuine leather.
???? Warranty for all products manufactured by HAT+ Factory at the request of the ordering unit.
???? Commitment to confidentiality of customer information.


Fast and sustainable development, becoming one of the leading leather goods factories in Vietnam and the region. By 2025, HAT+ will officially export to the US and Japan markets


HAT+ is always consistent with the mission of providing truly classy and innovative leather products, satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers in Vietnam and the world.

Core values

Always put prestige with customers, prestige with suppliers, partners and product quality standards first.

Always constantly innovating, developing, speeding. Focus on core workers.