Tips to keep your leather wallet beautiful and prolong its lifespan

Leather wallet is a necessary and important item for men. A good leather wallet can last up to two decades. Therefore, the wallet is well worth the time and effort you put into taking care of and preserving it for a long time.

So how to use and maintain leather wallets properly? Join HAT+ to refer to ways to preserve men’s leather wallets right in this article.

Always keep your wallet clean

The most important rule when preserving men’s leather wallets is to make sure the wallet is clean, removing stains.

Dirt and dust on the wallet will affect the leather material, and also significantly reduce the aesthetics.

Keep your wallet dry

In fact, the moisture in leather goods in general and leather wallets in particular is the cause of the rapid deterioration and peeling of the skin.

Therefore, readers need to pay attention to keep the leather wallet always dry. If it is wet or wet, it needs to be cleaned for a long time, let it dry naturally.

Regular cleaning leather wallets

Cleaning your wallet regularly to maintain its look and form. However, you should be careful with polishes, colorants and even gasoline because these substances will damage the natural leather of the wallet. Sometimes detergents and washes with residue can clog the skin’s pores, causing permanent skin damage.
You can choose a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the wallet to avoid scratching the surface.

Choose genuine leather wallet

Material for the production of wallets in particular as well as the fashion field in general, the material from genuine leather is one of the leading types in terms of quality. Each leather material will have different ways of preservation, but in general, real leather provides durability for up to many years, over a long period of use without fear of surface peeling or mold.


With the above ways to preserve your wallet, you will avoid your real leather wallet from being damaged quickly. However, everything is meaningless if the leather wallet you own is a fake leather wallet or not made by a skilled craftsman.
Currently, HAT+ has built a leather goods factory with Italian technology and is operated by a team of leading experts with 30 years of experience working directly from famous, traditional fashion brands. such as: Gianni Conti, Italian Production, Giovanni Group … with a team of skilled workers full of passion and enthusiasm.

Coming to HAT+, we are committed to producing and supplying high-class leather products, satisfying all the strictest criteria of customers.


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