The 6 most used basic skin types in the leather industry

Leather is a very popular material in the fashion industry today because of its high durability and good usability. Leather products are born every day with all kinds of different designs, designs, and materials, in this article HAT+ will point out 5 basic types of leather that are used the most.

Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather is quite common and accounts for the largest percentage of all leather products. Cowhide has soft, smooth material, straight pores, round shape and evenly distributed. Cowhide leather has very good elasticity, toughness, durability, bearing capacity and high wear resistance. That’s why cowhide leather is used most in the fashion industry, used to make products that are becoming very familiar such as: cowhide leather handbags, cowhide leather wallets, cowhide leather belts, cowhide leather shoes, cowhide leather coats , cowhide leather gloves, watch straps…
Cowhide leather is also divided into leather types such as: grain cowhide, grained cowhide, waxed cowhide or suede. Create a variety of product lines with different models.

Buffalo leather

Soft, tough, large pores, rough.

Durability is good but not as good as cowhide, has higher permeability than cowhide leather

Buffalo leather is a type of leather that is easily misunderstood as cowhide. But you can tell by looking closely at the pores of the skins. The pores of buffalo skin are larger, and the number of holes is less than that of cowhide. In addition, the leather material is softer than cowhide, not as smooth and smooth as cowhide leather.

Buffalo leather and cowhide leather look quite similar, the characteristic to identify buffalo skin is that the pores will be larger, the density of pores is less than that of cowhide. If you touch or apply pressure to buffalo skin, it will feel rougher and harder than cowhide. Buffalo skin is tougher, so it is often used to make all kinds of leather products such as: buffalo leather belts, buffalo leather briefcases, buffalo leather iPad bags…

Goat leather

Goat leather is durable, lighter in weight than cowhide leather, as soft as sheep leather

Goat leather surface has embossed texture, looks very luxurious and trendy. There are arc-shaped ridges on which there are 2-4 large pores, surrounded by small pores on the skin surface. The surface of the skin looks smooth, tight, and feels supple to the touch.

Sheep leather

Soft, thin, light, spongy, good elasticity

Moderate durability

Sheep leather will be soft and thin, the pores are all very small and oval in shape. Plots of pores combine together in rows and are evenly distributed throughout the skin surface. Leather is made from lambs, the leather material will be less durable than adult sheep.

Smooth sheep leather material, smooth leather surface, with toughness. And has thermal insulation properties, so winter gloves are made from sheepskin to keep hands warm, just like winter warm coats are made from sheep leather or items such as shoes, bags, wallets, shoes…

Horse leather

Horse leather is often tough and tough, looking close to the surface of the horse skin has oval pores similar to sheep skin, the pores of horse skin are often arranged in order of opacity and sparser than cowhide. Horse leather is used a lot to make leather products such as: horse leather belts, horse leather wallets, horse leather handbags, horse leather shoes…

Crocodile leather

Crocodile leather is not common, but like buffalo and cow skin, but in terms of quality and luxury, no other leather can match. Crocodile leather is thin, highly breathable, non-static and well-insulated with a pretty solid layer of scales

This scale has high strength, is very supple and is not easily affected by the environment, so the durability of crocodile skin is very high. Crocodile leather has a good flexibility, elasticity, high elasticity and the skin surface does not crack, when bent when folded. Therefore, products made from crocodile leather are more durable than other types of ordinary leather. Special Each crocodile has its own unique characteristics, so the textures of the scales are different, sharper and more prominent.

The craftsman almost does not leave any part of the crocodile leather, all are used to make fashion products with the wild beauty of this rare animal. Crocodile leather, back, belly, or legs all bring a different aesthetic value on each product produced on the market.

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