Leather golf belts – An indispensable accessory in golf outfits

Leather golf belts is an accessory that always comes with golf pants to show more elegance and fashion for golfers. Especially with the golf leather belt, it shows more elegance and fashion for the gentlemen. Choosing the right golf belt for yourself is very important. Therefore, HAT+ will reveal to you the criteria for choosing the right golf leather belt.


Leather golf belt is an accessory that is prescribed on the outfit when golfer want to go to the practice field. In addition, there are many other uses such as:

  • Create a sense of integrity in the way you dress.
  • Belt brands will give golfers a distinct personality and impression.
  • Fix the clothes to avoid causing looseness when playing.
  • Fashion will help golfers feel more confident on the practice court.


1. Materials

Golf belts usually will be made of leather because they are durable and clearly show the golfer’s fashion and personality.

  • The most advanced is ostrich or crocodile skin
  • Materials made of cowhide, calfskin or goat skin are very popular with users

Golf belts made of calfskin or goat skin are two types that are popularly sold on the market and are trusted by many golfers because of their elasticity, durability, and aesthetics that are suitable for all subjects. Especially the ostrich and crocodile leather golf belts also show the different class of the gentlemen. Leather belts will be very suitable for cotton clothes, helping to show the elegance and elegance of the outfit.

2. Color

You should choose golf toys with 3 classic colors: black, brown and dark brown. These are the most popular and chosen colors. These colors all give the user a feeling of elegance, warmth and luxury.

Note: Golfers should not choose golf belts with too prominent colors, which will make it more difficult for you to coordinate and reduce your elegance.

3. Size

Golf belts available in various sizes. Depending on your preferences and personal style, golfers can choose the right size.

  • If you like serious and simple, the 2.5-3.5 wide version is most suitable for you, with this size you will easily coordinate with other office clothes without causing loss of aesthetics.
  • Using a belt with a width of 4cm will bring you youthfulness, dynamism, exuding personality and help you be more comfortable when playing golf.


4. The origin

* Golf belts made in China

Most Chinese belts are biodegradable. This is one of the factors that many professional golfers love. Moreover, in this country of billions of people, the price of a belt is also quite “soft”. This golf belt is suitable for golfers who love modern and dynamic.

* Golf belts from Europe, America

Imported golf belts that meet the standards of European and American brands are usually made from the best materials. However, you still need to pay attention to choose the address that provides genuine imported products. Because this is very important, because it will directly affect the quality of the product.

* Golf belts made in Vietnam

Golf belts made in Vietnam are more and more perfect, 100% processed, quality and design have also reached a high level that can compete with products in the world. Currently, many Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises have met European export standards, in which HAT+ is also a partner in the production and supply of high-grade leather goods for domestic and foreign enterprises.

With a lot of information, we have shared the criteria for choosing the most suitable golf leather belt for men. Hopefully, HAT+ has helped you get more useful suggestions to choose the most suitable belt.

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