How to prevent and treat mold quickly by leather workers

Mold stains on bags, leather wallets, or shoes, boots, leather jackets… must still bother you on humid days. Let’s take precautions with HAT+ and quickly deal with “mold enemies” to keep leather goods durable with the following simple ways:


1. Requirements for storage of leather goods:

  • Do not place leather goods on the floor or against the wall.
  • Do not store in a humid place.
  • Do not store sealed leather goods inside a plastic bag or poly bag. The product should be stored in a dedicated dustbag made of non-woven fabric or cotton.

2. Check condition before stowing:

  • Do not store leather goods while it is wet. You need to wipe it thoroughly and leave it in a dry place to let the surface dry naturally. Absolutely do not dry or expose to the sun as this will make the skin dry and cracked.
  • Always remember to check the furniture inside before storing it, to avoid forgetting fruit, food, etc. inside, which will create an environment for mold to grow and easy to be gnawed by ants and cockroaches.

3. Take measures to prevent mold in the wet season:

  • In the wet season, you should put inside a few packages of specialized moisture-proof seeds (sold in supermarkets), or small cloth bags containing lime powder, dried tea grounds … to help absorb moisture.
  • Genuine leather products from bags, shoes, boots to leather jackets… all need to be used alternately.
  • Regular maintenance is recommended, at least once a year to keep leather goods long-lasting.
  • With a rarely used bag, you can stuff newspapers inside to help keep the form and effectively prevent moisture.


If your favorite leather item is moldy, the first thing to do is Isolation, immediately! Check to see if the bag is only moldy on the outside or if fungal spores have gone deep into the skin (check the leather patch that came with the bag).

Next, you test by adding 1 drop of water. If the water slowly penetrates into the skin, you can follow steps (1) – (7), if the water is not absorbed at all, you can skip steps (4) and (5).

Step 1: Prepare 1 soft bristle brush, 1 100% cotton towel, 90 degree alcohol solution mixed with water at a ratio of 1:1 or vinegar, 1 tube of antifungal cream containing ketoconazole, miconazole, or terbinafine (eg nizoral, cannestene) and take the bag to a well-ventilated area for “handling”.

Step 2: Use a soft cloth to wipe away the mold, limiting spreading to places that have not been “eaten”. After wiping with a towel, use a soft-bristled brush to carefully scrub the entire surface of the bag, especially the seams, corners, straps, zippers and do not forget the decorative leather pieces. Or mix in bag lining.

Step 3: After wiping the surface, but you still see streaks on the body of the bag, that means your bag has been deeply ingrained with fungal spores, use diluted alcohol solution or vinegar or cleaning solution. Light, low foam, rub gently and let dry in light, well-ventilated place.

Step 4: Antifungal cream will be applied when the bag is clean of fungus and completely dry. Industrial fungicides will keep your products for 6 months free from fungus but are harmful to health. So use a fungicide intended for human skin such as nizoral, cannestene – it’s milder and heals better. In order for the mushroom cream to penetrate deeply into each fiber, take a clean soft bristle brush, apply a thin layer of cream and tea all over the surface of the bag, especially the crevices, crevices, and corners of the product. Leave the bag covered with mushroom cream for 2-3 hours and then wipe it with a cotton towel, scrub it with a clean brush.

Step 5: Use a cream of the same color to beat on the bag, use a soft-bristled brush to create friction, the si will melt and absorb into each fiber of the skin. With fashion color bags, if you don’t have the same color, you can use your white cream or body cream to care for the bag, the bag is soft, clean and fragrant ^^

Step 6: Mold will leave a bad smell, put 1 drop of pine or melaleuca essential oil in the bag, depending on your preference ^^

Step 7: Do not rush to store the bag, use it for a few days before storing it in the closet. Moreover, please clean and carefully handle the “criminal” cabinet that has molded your bag before putting the bag back in its place.

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